3 important tips before you build your new home!

3 important tips before you build your new home!

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May 2, 2022

3 important tips before you build your new home.

There are a multitude of things you need to consider before you build your new home. And while we’d love to share everything with you, we’d be writing for days!  What we’ve done is broken it down to include 3 things you need to think about, some of which are often forgotten and the most important!

The build schedule is a guideline.

While all builders aim to complete the works in the allocated time, this doesn’t always happen!  The schedule we provide for the build is not a hard-and-fast rule but more of a guideline.  We  need to consider a whole host of things that could ultimately delay the completion of a build.  Consider things like bad weather (which has happened a bit along the mid north coast over the past 2 years!), the availability of the contractors that are used and also supply limitations on certain build materials.  Understanding that delays happen will ensure that, as a client, you’re not disappointed if the build time goes a little over what was initially anticipated.

A contingency in your budget is a must.

At JDG, we’re very thorough in our quotations, to ensure that you are completely aware of all build costs, however it’s important to have a contingency within your budget.  Over the course of a new home build you need to consider changes to scope, such as deciding to change your mind about fixtures or fittings after seeing them installed, or deciding to change the floor plan slightly.  It’s absolutely fine to do so, you just need to be aware there could be additional costs involved!

Complete the build before moving in.

We get it! When you’ve been waiting months for your new home, you’re itching to move straight in, even if it’s not completely finished. Based on our experience, we highly recommend that you have somewhere to live until your new home is completed.  Not only will you still have trades moving around your home while you’re trying to settle in, it may mean that some of the finishing touches actually take longer to complete, if you’ve moved in.
Building a home is a daunting task but by planning and understanding the process, it can be one of the best things you ever do! If you’d like to see some recent new build projects, you can do so here.


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