4 ways to tell if your kitchen needs a renovation.

4 ways to tell if your kitchen needs a renovation.

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July 3, 2022

4 ways to tell if your kitchen needs a renovation.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you’re just wanting a change (as in, you’ve just seen a beautiful new kitchen and have a bit of FOMO) or whether your kitchen REALLY does need an overhaul.
We’ve put together 4 signs that will tell you that, yep, your kitchen absolutely 100% needs a renovation.

Your kitchen starts creeping into other areas of your home.

Have you noticed, that over time, your kitchen appliances, pantry items and other bits and pieces are now living outside of the kitchen?  Perhaps you’ve put some things in a box in the garage or you’re storing items in the linen cupboard. Either way, this is a clear indicator that your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage or counter space that you need. 
Even if you don’t love cooking, you still need a certain amount of space to prepare and store food and often older homes can lack both counter space and storage.
If you’re feeling like your kitchen is crowded or cluttered, or you can’t find space for small appliances or pots and pans, then it’s a sign you need to renovate.

Functional or not, that is the question!

Ever been in your kitchen and thought, this just isn’t working for me?  Maybe it’s the lack of space, or it’s an older kitchen that’s quite closed in or perhaps the dishwasher is positioned far away from the sink?
Your kitchen should have a good flow, where the oven and cooktop, sink and fridge should be optimally spaced, not too close together but not too far.  You should also have room for other family members to be there at the same time.  If someone has to exit the kitchen before someone else can enter, then that’s a good sign your kitchen might need an overhaul!

How old are your kitchen appliances?

Did you know that kitchen appliances do have a limited life?  Ovens, cook tops, dishwashers etc are only designed to last between 10 – 15 years.   Using them for longer than advised can not only cause damage to your kitchen (think water damage from a leaking dishwasher) but can also increase your energy bills. 
And yes, you can replace appliances without renovating the kitchen, but when you put new appliances in an old, dated kitchen, it can look inconsistent.  
You dread cleaning your kitchen.
You know what we mean, when you go to clean it but things are discoloured and stained and you just can’t get your kitchen ‘sparkling’ any more.
Over time, your kitchen gets a build-up of grease, dirt and who knows what else!  You can clean and clean but it still looks dirty.  Think discoloured bench tops and cabinets.
These are often the first thing people see when they walk into a kitchen, so if they lose their shine, it impacts the whole kitchen, and it then might be time for a renovation.

If you’re nodding your head to at least one of the above points, then it might be time to consider a kitchen renovation. We have a kitchen renovation showcased on our projects page, which you can view HERE, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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