5 Exterior Cladding Options To Bring Instant Street Appeal.

5 Exterior Cladding Options To Bring Instant Street Appeal.

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June 7, 2022

5 Exterior Cladding Options To Bring Instant Street Appeal.

Street appeal is a must these days, and let’s face it, nothing makes you feel prouder than when someone turns up to your home and exclaims ‘wow!’

One way to achieve that is through the presentation of exterior walls by using cladding.  

Cladding is an easy process, is low maintenance and there are a wide range of options to choose from, of which we’ll delve into further, right now!

Weatherboard Cladding

Living on the Coffs Coast, you’ve no doubt seen loads of weatherboard cladding. It seems to be very popular as a cladding system, due to its versatility, cost and practicality.  It can also be made from a variety of different materials including fibre cement, vinyl and timber.  It means you have flexibility to control the look you want for your home, balanced with the level of cost and durability based on local weather elements. You can also paint your weatherboards any time, to give your home an instant refresh.

Fibre Cement Cladding

Another affordable and low-maintenance option for cladding is fibre cement. Made up of cellulose fibres, cement and sand, it’s a great option as it’s resistant to water damage and subsequent warping.  They are also fire-resistant, don’t rot and are easy to install. James Hardie is one such fibre cement product and is fast becoming popular on the Coffs Coast, given the vast array of weather conditions experienced here, along the coast and further inland.

Aluminium Cladding

There are huge benefits to aluminium cladding, mostly due to its light weight and low application costs. It’s also flexible and is great for coastal homes, as it’s resistant to corrosion.  Better yet, it’s an environmentally friendly as it’s recyclable.  It can also come in some very striking varieties, offering immediate ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Timber Cladding

Timber has been used for years and is a traditional cladding material and for good reason!  It’s durable, can be recycled over time and is very eco-friendly.  It does require some maintenance each year, to protect it from the elements, and insect infestations but for many, it’s absolutely worth it.

Stone Cladding

Cladding your home in stone will bring an elegant and beautiful quality to your home. It screams luxury and is ideal for hot and wet climates (kind of like Coffs!). It can ensure enhanced insulation, especially when it comes to mould, moisture and dampness along with keeping the home cool on particularly hot days. While it kicks some major goals in terms of insulation and beauty, it is more expensive than other cladding options, due to higher transportation and installation costs.

If you’re looking to build, we can help guide you as to the variety of cladding options available to ensure it suits, not only the look you want, but also your budget. Head to the contact page if you’d like to chat with us further about your build!

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