Don’t Forget The Fireplace! 4 Trends To Consider.

Don’t Forget The Fireplace! 4 Trends To Consider.

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June 7, 2022

Don’t Forget The Fireplace! 4 Trends To Consider.

Sure, it’s winter already, and most of you will be cranking those fires!!  However, if you’re in the planning stages of a living room renovation or new home build, you’ll be needing some fireplace inspiration!

Fireplaces are no longer just functional, they are now designed to bring style and flair to a space!  Having a fireplace just gives a space warmth and comfort, where you can walk into a space and feel immediately relaxed and comfortable.

So, what trends should you consider when it comes to your fireplace?  Read on!


Linear gas fireplaces are fast becoming one of the most popular in new home builds and renovations. Think straight, clean lines which enhance a wide variety of interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary and definitely makes an impact in any living space.

Smart Remotes

Who doesn’t love being able to control home appliances at the click of the button!? Unsurprisingly, gas fireplaces have embraced technology with leaps and bounds, meaning remotes are no longer just on/off switches.  Many of these fireplaces have programmable remotes and thermostats, so you can set and maintain a comfortable temperature and have it turn on and off a specific times.  And let’s face it, this is very handy if you prefer coming home from work to a lovely, warm house rather than a freezing one!


Self-contained fireplaces have no frame, which enhances a clean design and makes the flames themselves the focus. However, this particular type of fireplace is free of electrical connections, gas lines and venting, making it truly the focal point in any setting.  Many self-contained fireplaces also have faux-logs included, so you get the full fireplace experience, without the mess and fuss of actually chopping wood and showcasing it!

Flush mounting

Another popular type of fireplace at the moment is a flush-mount installation.  The frame of the fireplace sits flush with the wall surface, with no gaps and the back is recessed into a wall.

There you have it! Time to consider just what type of fireplace will work for your home. We hope some of the images included in this article give you some inspiration and ideas to start planning! If you’re interested in a renovation or new home build (including an awesome fireplace!) we’re always happy to help. Head to our CONTACT page to get in touch!

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