Natural Stone vs Ceramic Tiles

Natural Stone vs Ceramic Tiles

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February 3, 2022

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your new home build or renovation, it’s important to choose something that fits in with the style as well as fitting in with how you live your life.

We’ll discuss 4 things to consider when comparing natural stone with ceramic tiles. But first, what is the difference between natural stone and ceramic tiles?

Natural stone floors are just as you’d expect, made from natural stone such as marble, limestone, travertine, slate and granite to name a few, and these type of materials are synonymous with luxury, especially when featured in kitchens and bathrooms!

Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are man-made from clay materials, then dried, finished and glazed. Colours can be far more consistent with ceramic tiles and are often used in high traffic areas, as they are very durable.

So, let’s look at how they stack up!

Natural Stone vs Ceramic Tile Colour

As mentioned above, colour with ceramic tiles is much more consistent compared to natural stone, purely because it’s man-made, it can come in countless colour variations. Natural stone can also come in natural colour variations, however can be less consistent. Before selecting a final colour or material, really consider the space and overall look and feel. The style of your home may actually dictate which material will achieve the look you are after in that space.

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We all want floors that last the distance, so it’s important to consider which type will make the best investment for each space. Ceramic tiles are considered more durable, due to the high temperatures in which the tiles have been fired in and the glazing helps prevent scratches and reduces wear. Natural stone varies depending on the type of material. For example, marble and limestone tend to be softer than say slate or granite, which can wear better over time.  As it wears,  stone can be prone to chipping along edges or at the corners.



Ah, the old maintenance issue. As busy humans, we often want a product that’s going to require less maintenance, however all floors do require basic maintenance to keep it looking like new! Natural stone materials are porous and require a glaze or sealant to help fill the pores and make it water and stain resistant. It does need to be reapplied every few years, however it will depend on what material is used. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are ready to go as it’s already glazed, however you may want to add a sealant over the grout to keep it as clean as the tile.

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And lastly, cost! This can also be a big deciding factor, dependent upon the budget you’re working with on the project. It’s important to ensure you consider professional installation in both cases as well. Ceramic tile is definitely more affordable; however pricing does range dependent upon the finish, style and grade of ceramic tile chosen. Natural stone is a limited resource, so they do tend to be a more expensive option, however the luxurious look and feel makes the expense worth it!

When you work with us on your new home build or renovation, we’ll be able to discuss options with you and help you select the most appropriate flooring that you’ll love!

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